About the Company

East Meadow Services is any time available to simplify your huge tasks.

It is often seen that before starting any minor or major renovations, major repairs of your housing, relocating your business or even packing and moving entirely, you think twice. It is because these decisions affects you in long run and they are a bit expensive.

To give you the best options you can get with assured and dedicated services, we came up with East Meadow services. We are here to plan according to your given budget the best possible services and outcomes. Since its been a long time that we are serving you in this field, Our technically proficient and flexible experts would give you necessary advise that will benefit you.

We provide you with services like commercial moving services, basic packing and moving services,
power washing your external boundaries and houses, repair and maintenance, etc.

We also know how much you love are care your pets. But the mess they make may at times bother you. We offer pet waste removal services also that will help you pamper you pets even more. No matter how your pets are, we provide you with dedicated and timely services that will surely help you in long run and systematize the whole process.

No work will be an overload to you now. With east meadow services, you can make your family and even your neighbors happy who won’t be much affected with any of your commitments towards your pet and your society.